Equishare DEFINED

An experienced, focused, tactical consulting firm that assesses, designs, and executes our Equishare™ Employee Performance System.

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Equishare DEPLOYED

Create a company culture with a comprehensive, disciplined strategy to fully engage employees in the performance of their enterprise.

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Equishare RESULTS

Utilizing a shared, dollar-based, Equishare language ignites the catalyst between between the Financial Statement and the Factory Floor.

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Put us to the test… at no cost. We believe you will come away saying "this firm offers a unique and proven strategy that will benefit our business".

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The Equishare™ System deploys a four-part strategy to drive organizational performance: Define the essence of performance and profitability. Measure the critical factors that drive winning performance—constantly, visually, and energetically. Pursue the game plan. You must have a focused, tactical, visible leadership plan. Reward by linking every employee’s pay to business results, on a monthly basis.



Karl and all the others from the Muller Group I have worked with have three things in common - High Integrity, Expertise and Results. They have helped us build and sustain a model that has been an integral part of our success. I expect (and hope) they will continue to assist us for many years to come.

CFO, Machining

350 employees
Karl has the ability to see through the clutter and identify the core issues. He also has a way of providing a perspective -that is, he sees the forest, not the trees. I attribute the long-term success of my business in large part to input and advice I received from Karl.                                                      
The company’s objectives are now aligned with everyone in the company. Determining priorities at the operations level is much easier, simpler and straight-forward and we have an esprit de corps that in previous years we could only dream about, with cooperation among business groups at an all-time high.