The typical progression your company and our firm would utilize to get to know one another and work together

  • Email Karl Muller to schedule an initial contact call with your point person.
  • Following the initial contact, we would ask your senior team to put together the ten toughest questions or concerns you have regarding company performance, employee engagement, motivation, productivity, your existing variable compensation plans, and related subjects.
  • Schedule a conference call with Karl and your senior leadership team to have a dynamic discussion on your “top ten.” If a mutual interest continues to exist, we would then schedule…
  • The Equishare Concept Overview via WebEx (90 minutes), or in-person (2 hours, minimum fee) with your senior leadership team, incorporating a thorough presentation of the strategies and unique components of the Equishare System. If a mutual interest continues, then…
  • Conduct the Equishare Assessment – Presentation of an enhance Concept Overview and Equishare Assessment.The Assessment is fully populated with three years of your operational and financial data, as well as your budget looking forward. This allows for a data driven view of your historic circumstances, future conditions, and identifies specific incremental opportunities. A minimum of 3 senior managers in attendance, with a time requirement of three hours for the report-out, at your location. This Assessment typically requires four (4) weeks to prepare.  A reasonable fee is quoted. **This option does allow for a more efficient use of your time, rather than conducting the Overview and Assessment separately.
Two factory workers
  • Deploy an Equishare™ Systemfor your business in three (3) phases – Design, Execute, Coach. Partnering with management to design a system specifically for your business, conditions, culture, and objectives. Metrics, formula, thresholds, model, test, training, communications, infrastructure, rules, etc.
  • Project details and fixed project pricing are fully explained in the Equishare Assessment, which is a pre-requisite for a Design project.
  • Project requires 8 to 12 weeks to design, test, and approve prior to deployment. Upon deployment, Muller Group Advisors conduct all training and remain in a coaching role through your first six months of implementation.

If you would like a more detailed description of these options, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please email me and we will schedule a conference call.

Thank you,
Karl F. Muller, President